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What is Sugaring Hair Removal?

Sugaring Hair Removal is an ancient art dating back 4000 years to Egypt and Persia. Room temperature paste is applied to the skin and quickly snapped off, removing the hair from the root. It's a superior service to waxing in every conceivable way: organic, near zero waste, faster, less painful, more thorough, and completely sanitary.

Services and Pricing


Brows/Las Cejas (15-30 min): $10/70q

Lip, Cheek, or Chin/El Labio, Las Mejillas, o El Menton (15 min): $10/70q

Full Face/Rostro Completo (45 min): $20/150q

Body/El Cuerpo

Legs/Las Piernas (45/30 min) Full: $25/175q 1/2: $15/100q

Arms/Los Brazos (30 min) Full: $20/150q 1/2: $10/70q

Tush/El Culo (15 min): $10/70q

Underarms/Las Axilas (15 min): $10/70q

Intimate/Area Intima

Brazilian (30 min): $25/200q

Extended Bikini (30 min): $20/150q

Bikini (15 min): $13/100q

Full Leg & Brazilian: $40/300q

By the Hour/Por Hora: $45/325q

(I can usually do a full leg, brazilian and underarm in an hour)

Services for Women Only

CASH ONLY/SOLO EFECTIVO (but I take US Dollars or Quetzale

About Julie and Sugaring

Julie became a licensed esthetician and expert sugarist in Seattle, WA. In addition to a successful career as a sugarist, Julie is also a serial entrepreneur and educator, not just owning and managing successful spas, but developing the next generation of sugarists. 

With thousands of successful services and hundreds of cherished (and satisfied) clients, Julie has brought her talents to the most beautiful place on Mother Earth: Lake Atitlán.

Read Julie's stellar Yelp Reviews from her last spa before moving to Guatemala.


Clients should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to their service time with clean skin (no lotions or oils, please) and hair long enough to pinch with their fingertips (about 1/8 of an inch - much shorter than wax).

A room-temperature paste of sugar, water and citric acid will be applied to the skin and snapped off, removing the hair from the root.

The entire process will be described in full during the first service. 

Regular appointments (every 4-6 weeks) will result in permanent hair reduction, but individual results will vary. Regular appointment also will result in faster, less uncomfortable services.

Aftercare is simple: keep your skin cool and clean, friction, heat and product free for 24 hours to allow the follicles to close and repair.


Clients with certain chronic blood or autoimmune disorders should check with a doctor before participating in hair removal. All services are at your own risk, so help me minimize it by committing to proper before and after care and by being in good health for your service. 

SPAtitlán: Expert Sugaring Hair Removal is OPEN

By Appointment Only

Morning appointments preferred due to afternoon heat and rain. 

I will do outcalls for services on one or more clients, provided the total services are 500Q ($70) or more.

We are located in Guatemala, this map is drunk.

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